Top quality wedding entertainment and themed hen parties. Live music, wedding singers, murder mystery and lots more.
Make your wedding or hen party an event to remember with actor led entertainment from Performance Interactive Pursuits. We have tried and tested wedding entertainment and lots of satisfied customers.


You want everything to be perfect for your wedding...and so do we.

From your hen party to the last dance, we have a range of wedding ideas to ensure that your big day is a memorable one, talked about for many years to come.

Every marriage is different and every bride and groom are unique which is why we offer a personal service to tailor your hen event and wedding entertainment to suit your budget, theme, venue and requirements.

Our wedding planner will guide you through the choices we offer and help you put together the right package, whether you want something different or something traditional, from a Charlie's Angels / James Bond style special agent training day to a spooky vampire hunt, from an opera selection to a good old-fashioned knees up with a live function band.

With us, you won't need to demand comes as standard.


We aim to keep prices as low as possible and, after gathering your requirements, we will build a package to suit your group of guests, budget and personal preferences.

We can quote on a per-head basis, £10 to £55 per head or a total production price which will be from £200 to £1,000


My Big Fat Hoax Wedding ©
Your guests will never forget the great wedding hoax you are about to spring on them. All seems normal at first but, as the meal progresses, it gradually becomes apparent that things are not what they seem and your family and friends think they have wandered onto the set of Fawlty Towers or The Twilight Zone. You choose the level of chaos from a surprise singing waiter or a few eccentric characters to a full, live, scripted interactive production. Maybe an actor, comedian, caricaturist or magician is disguised as a waiter, or a chef....or a guest! We have lots of bogus and spoof scenarios to choose from....or invent your own idea.

Wedding Murder Mystery
Yes, brides and grooms have been known to set their wedding around a murder mystery production. We can even create a murder plot that will involve some of your guests and inside information about the happy couple.

Spoof Paparazzi & Bouncers
Give your guests a red carpet arrival and make them feel special when our fake paparazzi snap them in the line-up whilst they look their best or, if you really want to add to the fun, our joke bouncers will frisk them and flirt with them to their hearts content.

Captain Stomp, the interactive party experience
Finish your wedding evening partying with a function band with a difference. A completely unique experience of uplifting music with the opportunity of interaction, spot prizes and the chance to get some of the wedding guests on stage, as well as the usual dancing and singing along that you would expect from a party band. Fun, feel-good, well-known songs from all choose the set list from a wide range of songs, from 1940's nostalgia, 50's rock & roll, 60's pop...right through to present day hits. Any mixture you like. Imagine the groom performing air-guitar to Bohemian Rhapsody or how about getting the bride to play the washboard or the bridesmaids dressed as the Village People doing YMCA! You've never experienced a band like Captain Stomp and the Roof Raisers!

Themed Weddings ©
If you want something different, you can theme your wedding and we should be your first port of call if you want a pirate wedding, a murder mystery wedding or a Medieval wedding. Have a chat with our Creative Director to explore theme ideas. Click here to see one we did earlier:
The Hallowe'en Wedding of the lovely Debbie & Norman

Themed Cabaret / Wedding Singers
We can put together a bespoke cabaret to suit your chosen wedding theme. For example, a flight around the world. A journey through time. Musical Theatre / Showstoppers. Mary Popps-in with the sound of music. Swing with the Sinatras. Nostalgic Spirit of the 40's. Love songs. Or invent your own theme.

Surprise/Singing/Comedy waiters ©
You're busy enjoying your wedding breakfast when you notice one or two of the waiters keep getting into trouble or behave oddly or mess about. Whilst your guests may snigger a little, you are stifling your laughter because only YOU are in on the act and know that those waiters and waitresses are really actors or singers....and masters of comic improvisation.

Themed Characters
Fun, interactive characters greet your guests and mingle around the venue, all costumed and customised to suit your theme. From our Mary Poppins tribute to a chimney sweep, from a town crier to an eccentric tea lady with a pinny full of saucy jokes.


The Girls from B.O.N.D ©
Welcome to Mission Headquarters where your trainer will put you through your paces and set you fun challenges in the style of James Bond, Austin Powers and other Spy-themed movies - to help you on your way to becoming high-kicking special agents! Always available in London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Guildford and other towns and cities upon request
THIS IS THE OFFICIAL AND ORIGINAL GIRLS FROM B.O.N.D SHOW AND THE BEST PRICE FOR THE GIRLS FROM BOND YOU WILL FIND! If you are looking for cheapest B.O.N.D. Girls Experience or Special Agents Hen Events, we are the creators of this experience and have run hundreds of successful shows since way back in 2004.

Music & Movies Game Show
Presented by Music & Movie characters. Themed quiz show with usual and unusual rounds, hi-tech presentation, points and, of course, prizes. Works with or without a meal, day time or evening.

Lights, camera, action! Our professional director and cameraman will help you make a pop video, spoof movie or 'This is Your Life' type film to be shown at the reception and enjoyed ever after.

The Time Maze ©
Divide into teams and visit various themed time zones where costumed actors set tailored fun, mental and/or physical challenges. A good way of bonding your hens before the big day.

Double-O Heaven : Spy Challenge ©
Your hen group become secret agents for the afternoon.

CSI: 4 Ways 2 Die ©
Become detectives, judges, witnesses, forensic scientists and coroners for the day and take a guess at who died how, where and why.

Hen Party Murder Mystery
Whether you require an afternoon hen event without a meal or a hen themed murder mystery over a three course meal, our professional actors will set the scene, introduce clues, and thoroughly entertain you. They will guide you through the investigation in CSI style to help you uncover the murderer and decide whether it was the jealous bride, the saucy groom or the classic dragon mother-in-law!

Treasure Hunt
In a minibus or on foot...or both. Actors help you find your way around the route, maybe set a few challenges and help you solve clues and find the "treasure".

The Navy Seals or G.I. Jane Bond ©
An action packed afternoon with physical activities, simulation and a light hearted boot camp.

Vampire Hunt ©
This production is so new, even we don't know what surprises are in store but, rest assured, it will involve dusty old books, crucifixes and plenty of dressing up and photo opportunities.

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