Make your party or event one to remember with our fantastic range of bepsoke productions and themed entertainers. Actor led performances for your private party or function. Cabaret, live music, comedy, mix and mingle characters.
Party Entertainment Hampshire. We specialise in providing top qualty party entertainment and productions in the Sussex, Surrey, Dorset and South Coast region.



Office party, Christmas Party, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party? If you want to leave your guests with a lasting memory, allow us to entertain you.
Our Party Planner will guide you all the way and put together an experience to meet your requirements and budget.


With prices ranging from £200 to £1,500, you are sure to find a party to suit your budget.
If you prefer a price per head, these average out at £10 to £35 per head. Minimum numbers apply.


Murder Mystery

Our murder meals are interactive, memorable and entertaining. Our two dedicated script-writers ensure that there is enough of a plot to solve for the keen sleuths whilst keeping it light hearted and fun for those who want pure entertainment.

"Salty Towers" ©

Dine at Basilís bizarre restaurant, run by a motley band of eccentrics - but watch out for low-flying insults! This is not the BBC's Fawlty Towers but, if you love Fawlty Towers, you'll love Salty Towers!

Music & Movies Game Show

Presented by Music & Movie characters. Themed quiz show with usual and unusual rounds.

"Scrooge Interactive" ©

We bring Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale to life in a totally different and fresh way with our wacky, highly interactive version of "A Christmas Carol".

"Comedy Waiters " ©

Is that waitress a bit tipsy? What on earth is the Maitre D' up to? Did that really just happen? Our under cover actors will start with subtle antics to keep your guests guessing until things gradually deteriorate into a farce or we finally burst into song

Theme Night

Experience great entertainment, music and characters from your choice of theme. e.g. 40's, 50's, 60's night, Medieval, Scottish, School Days, Bavarian, Cowboys, Sinatra, Music Hall, Trains (of the Railway variety), Ghosts, Pirates, etc.


Captain Stomp, The Interactive Party Experience.

A completely unique experience and an uplifting evening with a versatile live band who have a unique gift of being able to get half the audience on stage. Fun, feel-good, well-known songs from all choose from 1940's nostalgia, 50's rock & roll, 60's pop...right through to present day hits. Any mixture you like. Imagine the boss performing air-guitar to Bohemian Rhapsody or how about getting the secretary to play the washboard or the IT team dressed as the Village People doing YMCA! You've never experienced a band like Captain Stomp!

Themed Cabaret

For example, a flight around the world. A journey through time. Musical Theatre / Showstoppers. Mary Popps-in with the sound of music. Swing with the Sinatras. Nostalgic Spirit of the 40's. Love songs. Or invent your own theme.

Surprise Singing Waiters ©

Our most popular hoax. Are those mischievous waiters for real...or actors in disguise? Is this a set-up? Keep your guests guessing 'til we launch a staged fight or perform a cabaret, in the style you choose. They don't have to be waiters....we have many undercover superstars!


Mix & Mingle Characters.

Interactive, fun, wacky, comical, celebrity, spoof, themed, spooky, historic or informative characters roam the venue and red carpet to greet, guide or entertain guests, generate business and amuse queue lines.

Spoof Paparazzi & Bouncers.

Get mobbed or frisked on your red carpet arrival!

Ethel & Edna.

These two hilarious old dears are memorable masters of comic improvisation with rubber faces and a pinny full of saucy jokes.

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