High quality murder mystery events. South coast, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset. We have an extensive list of murder mysteries and productions.
Murder Mystery Events in the Hampshire, Sussex, and Surrey areas.


Our murder mysteries are a unique experience, a perfect blend of sparkling imagination, quick wit, clever writing and polished interactive performances.
Our producer brings you the unique combination of 20 years professional performing skills and 15 years as an international business analyst so you can be sure your requirements will be researched professionally and thoroughly satisfied.

Fancy yourself as a Miss Marple, Inspector Morse or Sherlock Holmes? Then call us now!

You can choose a Private Murder Mystery or join in with one of our shared party murder mysteries in Portsmouth or Southampton. Please click for a list of dates: Shared Parties and Public Events:

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    With our wealth or corporate and performing skills and 15 years experience in the murder mystery field, you can be sure of a memorable and high quality production.
    Our clients tell us the shows are talked about for weeks afterwards and they book us again and again because they love what we do.
    Beware of cheap (or expensive!) copies.


    Hiring a murder mystery producer for the first time?
    Ensure you choose a company that has:

    • Tried and tested shows with flexible formats
    • Plenty of positive feedback
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • P.A. System
    • Professional paid staff
    • Several choices of plot
    • A proper murder plot to solve but with great entertainment value too
    • A personal service that will ensure you get the show that's right for your guests
    • A pre-production planning service
    • A landline number

    Performance Interactive Pursuits offers all of the above as standard, included in the price.
    Remember that a more expensive company will not necessarily be better.


    Our flexible format allows a variety of options and cost structures to ensure we have a show to suit your budget, from £275 to £1,200.
    Price per head can be quoted on request.


    As well as helping you choose the right production, we can also tailor the script to incorporate other ideas, e.g. building inside information or a corporate message into the plot or giving some of the guests a role to play!
    If you want to keep the show a surprise....or hoax your guests in "Game for a Laugh" or "You've Been Punked" style, we can do that too.


    Audience participation is welcomed but not compulsory. Actors mingle with you whilst you eat, drink and chat. Our clients tell us they really feel part of our shows. They can get involved to the extent to which they are comfortable - from shyly sitting back and enjoying the show going on around them to hamming it up with the professionals and stealing the limelight!
    Guests who choose not to interact will have just as much fun watching the show go on around them.


    We supply everything you need; presenter, actors, scripts, materials, whodunit sheets, pens, p.a. system, background music, props, prizes, stage management, insurance and, of course, the performance itself.
    We will also help you plan the event (if you wish) and liaise directly with the venue staff beforehand and throughout the production to ensure the event runs smoothly.
    We can offer you the cheapest murder mystery in town or a luxury version. Whatever your budget, we'll deliver a memorable and fun event.


    The schedule, format and productions are flexible and can be adapted as necessary to suit the audience.
    Most shows take place over a meal and the actors mingle around the tables, introduce clues, perform scenes, get the plot across and help you solve the crime.
    It is light-hearted and fun but with a workable plot to solve, i.e. not just a handful of suspects with motives and a lucky guess, we have proper clues and only one outcome and culprit. Guests are invited to fill in whodunit sheets and the actors will be on hand to help.
    Finally, there is a summing up and a surprise finale with a prize for the best sleuth.
    The productions are suitable for groups of 5 to 250 people and last 2 to 3 hours, with the action spaced in small bursts around the meal - but timings can be altered to suit the client’s needs.


    We have a number of recommended venues or we will turn up at your chosen establishment, even your own home or work premises.


    There are a number of choices to make and our business analyst will guide you through the many options which include:-

    1. FORMAT
      Most plots are available in three formats; day time team building event, dinner show or full weekend.
      There are three price levels; designed to suit a small group on a party budget, up to a large group with a corporate budget.
      You can have your production themed or tailored, from a few snippets of inside information to a complete re-write to suit your occasion.
    4. PLOT
      There are several different plots. We will help you choose from our current range of productions which can be off-the-shelf or tailored to incorporate your own ideas - you can even commission your own script.


    “Murder, Mon Cheri” ©

    You are guests at the engagement party of a society couple when the grim reaper makes a dramatic entrance.

    “Raiders of the Lost Tomb” ©

    Set in Cairo in the 1920’s, Indiana Bones meets Lara Cruft [a bit of an old dog] in an amusing tale of mummies and baddies, parchments and old relics.

    “Salty Towers” ©

    Welcome to the craziest restaurant in Britain. Eccentric manager Basil MacDyre fusses and fumes as his bungling staff bumble their way through the night amid complaints of poor service and murder on the menu!

    “Death Styles of the Rich & Famous” ©

    Don your glad rags and jet off to L.A. because YOU are the rich and famous guests at the launch of a book by celebrity couple “Dosh” and “Pecs".

    “Double-O Heaven : You Only Die Twice” ©

    This show is a tribute to all those MI5 and Spy Movies, from James Bond to Austin Powers, complete with Venomous villains and the Girls from Bond.

    “Oooops, Murder” ©

    A tangled story at a gathering of the Twins International Tracking Society with characters from all over the world and plenty of dressing up opportunities.

    “Murder Most Festive” ©

    Our most tacky murder with a Christmas theme. It’s time for the glittering Rudolph Awards Ceremony. All your favourite festive characters will be bickering & jostling for the limelight...but…one has murderous intentions so watch your back.

    “Ghostbashers” ©

    A government initiative, policed by The Ghostbashers, allows infamous Hallowe’en and horror film spooks to come out into the open and freely walk the earth. Panto meets Hammer. Camp & creepy.

    “Science Friction : Murder in Space” ©

    Fatal futuristic Sci-Fi frolics and murder in space in 2525 A.D....successfully launched in October 2010. Our tongue-in-cheek tribute to the well-known Sci-Fi series' and movies. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE and MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU.

    See it...Be it...Experience it...

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